Google have introduced a new tool called Google+, it's like Facebook BUT it will affect your site ranking.

It works really nicely, as you'd expect and it uses something called circles to allow you to divide your contacts into groups such as friends, family, colleagues, drinking mates! etc

OK, so it's neat but I'm on Facebook already so why bother? Well, if you have a website, you can add the equivalent of the Facebook like button and people can like you BUT, unlike Facebook likes, Google will consider the popularity with the people in its algorithm to work out where to rank web pages!

So, in time, employing the best SEO firms may not be enough, you may find having more G+ likes is more important than amazing SEO!

Of course Google isn't revealing to what extent it's important and as you'd expect they are starting slow and steady but consider yourselves warned, produce specific, keyword centric pages that are fun/exciting... likeable! And you should be on your way to good page ranking... more...