We provide an automated, personalised digital prospectus system which gives university students and parents an opportuntity to tailor make their own prospectus easily and efficiently.

With a flexible built-in reporting system you can have a better insight into visitor interests and their location and can leverage this knowledge to improve enrolment figures.

First meetings leave lasting impressions. For a student setting out on the journey of university life, introductions to a potential new life are often made through browsing a prospectus on-line.

To create an affinity between each individual and the community of your school or university, MyOwnProspectus™ creates a personalised prospectus, of direct relevance to each potential applicant, whilst offering each of them a clear idea of who you are and how you connect with their interests.

Offering digital as well as print prospectuses on all programmes of study, faculty and institutional policies, and extracurricular activities is nothing new.

These publications however, have frequently been led by legislative and other obligations to communicate information, rather than being led by the student interest. This has led to lengthy, often seemingly irrelevant information that does not enhance the student experience from the outset.

MyOwnProspectus™ solves this problem by enabling potential students to:


  • Create an eProspectus that is specific to their interests and needs

  • Personalises their experience and improve the chances that they will enrol

  • An effective tool to positively enhance the pre-application experience

  • Simplifies the presentation of information, the message and connection

  • Saves you the expense and environmental impact of printing and posting materials

  • Increasing the amount of time that prospective students spend browsing your site

  • Freeing up administrative staff so that they can spend more time with students who are interested in you, and less on general enquiries


  • Uses current designs - MyOwnProspectus™ is especially cost-effective because it obviates the need for the expensive re-design of your existing publications. You can simply use the PDF pages you aready have.

  • Tells you what is happening - It also comes with a reporting dashboard so you can see what is popular and see how many students are interested in different subjects. It is also quick and easy to share amongst family and friends and to add additional pages at a later stage.

  • Available 24/7

  • Branding- To make sure the branding and experience of the institute is not diluted the first few pages and the back pages are fixed so essential information will be part of MyOwnProspectus™

  • Want to change MyOwnProspectus™ - no problem you can go back and add changes to your prospectus 24/7


  • You can see what country the students are in and what they have an interest in.

  • you can create additional flipbooks for different departments/areas which gives more granular data to validate marketing activity or strategy

Brand Perception

  • The personal approach provides a professional experience which could result in an enrolment and positive word of mouth.

Cost reductions

  • Creation and changes are managed in house instead of using an agency

  • Reduced printing and posting costs

  • Reduced carbon footprint

We first launched our digital, flipbook prospectus builder in December 2013 at the OAED Conference in Oxford. Following this we launched version 2 at an OAED event in May 2014. This version includes a detailed reporting system which allows you to see who has downloaded the eProspectus. This is very useful for marketing directors as you can see where your marketing buck is working. We will be promoting this further by introducing it to UK Universitites and schools so watch this space!

Is this something you could be interested in?

If you want to know how this can benefit you the best thing to do is ask for a free demo to see how it works. Feel free to get in touch on 01865 556070 and we can arrange it at your convenience.

Key Benefits