Schools and Universities

OFEC has been building websites since 1999

Along our journey we have found we enjoy building websites and systems for educational establishments and businesses. We have built features and systems from bespoke management systems to small apps to enhance student learning and experience.

In essence, the systems are about improving efficiencies to improve systems, looking carefully at return on investment (ROI).

schools and universitiesWe love creating products aimed specifically at making admin life easier at Schools and Universities.

Take a look at the fabulous products OFEC have built:

Showcase client

St Helen and St Katharine

OFEC created the website for St Helen and St Katherine Girls’ School which The Sunday Times The Sunday Times ranked as 11th in the GCSE Private School league table in 2013. Among its online capabilities, the school can now organise and manage the booking of all events and record attendance electronically. This saves the school time and money, while improving the quality of the service it provides.

SIMS intergation

We are also happy to take on SIMS integration so if you use this in your school and you are looking to use IT software to reduce admin, making the school more efficient and effective, call us now.

Showcase product

OFEC are pleased to be launching MyOwnProspectus™, an online digital, flipbook prospectus tool that enables interested students to tailor the information they want about a particular school or university to their own specific needs. This improves potential student conversion rates and engagement, and enhances the “brand standing” of those institutions. This new product is designed to set the industry standard in personalising the educational experience of all students. It is also in line with the trend towards mass customisation of the user experience in higher education.

To find out more about our work in education, please contact Anita on 01865 556070, or get in touch via our website.

Our Dream

CTo be the best in the World. It's a big scary hairy goal but it wouldn't be a goal if it wasn't scary and our system is amazing.

OFEC is not a purely technical firm that doesn't understand business but a melting pot of marketers, designers, brand consultants and a good dose of common sense. We seek to bring out the best in our clients which in turn brings out the best in us. This is how we like to work, with pride, trust, smiles and profitable solutions to manage and grow.

If you want to discuss how we can change your Association or Organsation to improve membership services, why not call Anita on 01865 556070