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A Visitor Management System for Any Device

A Visitor Management System for Any Device

7 Nov '2018 by Vishane Perera

Are you after a low-cost Digital Visitor Management Solution, well look no further DigiGreet Lite is just that, the great thing about DigiGreet Lite is you are not tied down to a particular device as long as it has a web browser & internet connection it will work giving you great flexibility.

So it’s the perfect quick replacement for the old fashioned paper book, later down the line you can always buy a flashy new device or have it running on more than one device as our subscription covers one location but as many devices or entrances/exits on that one location.

Check out our Demo Video here!

What exactly do you get on DigiGreet Lite?

  • No limits to users
  • Visitor, Contractor & Staff sign ins and outs
  • GDPR Compliant system
  • Arrival and Exist messages
  • Reporting, staff time sheets etc
  • Firedrill check
  • Branded to you, we change colours, background and logos to meet your look
  • Ability to ask pre-signing question e.g. Fire Policy, Child Safety etc

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