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Digital Visitors and staff signing in book

Sign in book

Still using an old fashioned paper based visitors book?

What happens when there is a fire alarm? Office Reception, sadly not our office!

Do you want a smart electronic digital visitor management system?

Make life a little simpler with our Digital Signing in system which can replace your numerous visitor book/staff sign in books with a service that looks impressive, that is straight forward to use and gives you on the spot reports of who is in the building.

Do you have a register for  the part-time staff, building contractors and visitors on site?

Our electronic sign in system could make signing in at reception that much sleeker for staff, students, contractors or visitors. It's a great way of introducing your visitors to your safe guarding and fire safety measures as they sign in.

On top of this it helps towards gathering credits for ISO compliance such as ISO 9001 or simply creating a smarter reception for visitors, facilites or operations manager. A good visitor sign in system can give you a great opportunity to impress visitors right from the start.

Being powered by Microsoft it can be installed online easily with little disruption so it is a hassle free choice for a smart visitor management system. Some like to refer to it as an entrysign system but whatever phrase you wish to use it is about finding a good system that can work well in primary schools, businesses and building sites.

How does it work?

Self Service in style

SThe system can run off any device which is connected to the internet so Sign in on an IPad, tablet, mobile or desktop pc and the self-service system collects all the information for you.

Once the information has been input, the system will provide you with instance reports on any visitors currently within your premises, as well as giving you historical data on previous visits. All this data is easily searchable so you can see who the frequent visitors are. This is very handy if you are employing staff paid by the hour such as tutors.

A great safeguarding measure which could give you extra points when it comes to your school or business inspection under Duty of Care and gives your reception an impressive, professional welcome. A visitors management system that is easy to use and straight forward.




  • Our electronic sign-in system can be branded with your logo and corporate identity so it looks like your company. You can even add a simple daily message i.e. car park closing today at 5pm or watch out for the traffic jam on the M40!

  • If you are a school you could have a report just for late students or a message for students going on a trip.

  • The system can be hooked up to a printer so you can print off branded visitor badges or ID badges to give to visitors so you can track who is who as the wander around your building; especially good for safeguarding issues.

  • Staff can receive an email when there visitor has arrived, no need for someone at reception to call.

  • Use of fobs for easy signing in and out i.e. We can link with Paxton card and fob readers.




  • a portable device for signing in so it doesn't have to stay at reception, giving you greater flexibility i.e. signing in for meetings using a tablet or checking contractors are on site for a building project.

  • As it is database driven you can pull off reports and cross reference information for improved quality standards

  • In the event of a fire you can print off a list of all visitors and part-time staff or simply look for them on the system to see if everyone is accounted for, you can even run the fire drill check off your smart phone.

  • You can see what time visitors sign in and out easily

  • Need Health and Saftey rules to be agreed upon before entry, no problem you can add a set of briefing questions.

PDF download for further information.

If you are a Operations, facilities or Health and Safety manager or if you look after reception is this something you would be interested in? We could offer a free demo of the product if you like? Please get in touch with Anita on 01865 556070 and she will be able to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to talking to you!

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  • Why not identify those with mobility issues so you know who would struggle to get to a fire evacution station?

  • If there is an emergency situation you can give multiple access to whom ever you want simultaneously to check who is on site

  • It's portable so you can take the signing in system to muster stations and tick off who has signed in.

  • It is easy to use so little training is required

  • This system can link to the other OFEC systems in one admin panel so the information is integrated and can be cross analysed for quality reports even in graphical format!

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