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Online facilities booking system

Booking system

Looking to create an additional revenue stream without too much effort?

Booking online from an ipadThe facilities system on Bookating™ provides an easy to use platform for managing facilities and resources within a school for hire or letting.  From hiring a hall, classroom or meeting rooms to hiring out schools equipment or booking the hall for a wedding, craft fairs, yoga clasess or farmers markets!

Increase use of facilities

Make the most of your resources by making sure your facilities are being utilised and not just sitting there unloved and unwanted. Not only would it fulfil your  social responsibility, schools and universities offering their facilities to  the wider community in off peak periods can realise a new revenue stream which means making some additional money for the school.

Reduced admin

You can browse available facilities, and book/hire for a one off or repeat booking. The system is great at showing what resources are available within a calendar view, as well as offering you the functionality to  manage open hours, closed days, etc.  You can even handle things such as Health & Safety forms, department approval,  ordering tables and chairs, use of the kitchen, ordering tea's and coffee's to name a few. It just makes their life easier!

Independent Leader Magazine

We were featured in the September edition of the Independent Leader in an article about how independent schools could generate surplus income by monetising the hiring out of school facilities, pools, halls and football pitches. See our news article on this.Article in Independent Leader September 2015 on facilities management

Is this something you could be interested in?

Please call Anita on 01865 556070 and she will be able to answer any questions you may have on Bookating, or get in touch.

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Key Benefits

  • It reduces admin costs as it is a self service system

  • It is available 24/7

  • It can be accessed from any internet device

  • You can produce reports on the usage of the facilities so you can plan for peak and down periods

  • Requires little training

  • Makes it easier to issue accurate invoices on usage

  • You can check availability at a glance

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